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R.Songs Hospitalized

Song was rushed to hospital on Sunday after suffering “cerebral hemorrhage”, his doctors said.

Cameroon’s health minister, Andre Mama Foudam told journalists that Song was being taken to Pitie Salpetriere hospital in Paris following the intervention of President Paul Biya:

I am grateful to the head of state for instructing the government to take the necessary measures to ensure that Song recovers.

We hail the professionalism of medical doctors in Cameroon and we appeal to all to have confidence in the health system in Cameroon.”

Meanwhile, Song’s bother, Alexandre Song, expressed gratitude to Cameroonians for their love and support.

“At this moment my family is living difficult times. We are touched by the love and support of Cameroonians and elsewhere.

We wish that those who tarnish the image of Song, publishing rumours and indecent photos, think about us and the children who are reading. Let’s uphold our dignity.”

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