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SS 3 Student Builds Nigeria’s First Solar Powered Grinder

SS 3 Student Builds Nigeria’s First Solar Powered Grinder

Oyo State15822846_10155029893504642_4148235226841462813_n has created Nigeria’s First Solar Powered Mower and Grinder and TOBI AYANWOYE is the inventor of this machine.
A student of Federal Government College (FGC), Ogbomoso, 18-year old Tobi has demonstrated the Nigerian spirit with his creativity.
In addition to this, Tobi has also created an alarm powered Foot Mat and it was exhibited during the School Project Showcase Event recently

But the fowl cry in Nigeria nobody is going to take up the challenge to promote the work of the young geniuses coming out from this country.. If this same product was manufactured in China the world rushes it.. So dear Federal Government, Dangote, Otunba Subunmi Balogun and all the big time billionaires and rouge politicians.. Instead of the fleets pf Rolls Royce’s in your compound.. This is something to invest a fraction of your money least try to make a good name for yourself..


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