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AFCON 2017:Half a million per goal for the Uganda Cranes

thXXP2OCNAUganda’s Democratic Party (DP) has swore to grant the Uganda Cranes a large portion of a million for each objective they score at the mainland masterpiece ,AFCON in Gabon.
The Party’s representative Kenneth Paul Kakande reported this amid a question and answer session prior today.
“It is unquestionable that our group has ability to set up a decent show and in like manner, we vow Ushs.500.000 for every last objective that will be scored by the group in this competition.”
He however rebuked the administration for neglecting to gain the rights to hand-off experience the AFCON through the national supporters UBC after the nation fit the bill for the show-stopper following a 39 year nonappearance.
“It however is exasperating and a glaring indication of government ineptitude that the time when the nation has come back to the AFCON competition is the point at which the National Broadcaster UBC has neglected to hand-off the competition to Ugandans. It’s a major disgrace!”
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