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Which Way Nigeria? #ONEVOICENIGERIA Use Social Media & Songs..

3S8A2978In my opinion, the Nigerian government is still operating with a military mindset.. If not, why will a peaceful demonstration be threatened by DSS.. Is the protest a security threat?

Well it also says how much lack of understanding that the DSS is operating with.. Because i saw in the news how they went ahead to pick up Ibori…Whose crime is a financial crime..

But trying to educate these bunch of muntula’s will surely lead no where if we want to help the world know about how displeased we are as a nation with this present government.. Then i think every Nigerian should adopt another strategy.. And Social Media and our music can do the magic… Fela did it with his music and today we can never forget the impact of FELA’S message through his music…

So, here is a song by Board Of Directors called #WeNeedChange #JehovahFireThem #CorruptionMustFall #HungerMustFall #OneVoiceNigeria


MP3 Download Change (JehovahFireThem) By BoD

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