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Dunsin Oyekanm You Are Good Official Video Now Out

You-are-good-by-Dusin-Oyekan-1What a way to kick off a show, as i was about to get onair, i got a facebook notification message from Dunsin himself thanking for making a remark on the making of this video when it all started and after that he sent the link. And i have just listened to it. This is a beautiful work crafted with a high level of maturity in music and spirituality.

This is what you call spiritual songs. Dunsin Oyekan who led Avalanch of COZA for many years has began a journey into his own music ministry. as we always say in COZA, Dunsin, I Celebrate You.

Dayo Eseyin (DEE) co-produced this track alongside Brandon Jones.

Please listen, watch and share the goodness of God that can never be explained away.

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6 thoughts on “Dunsin Oyekanm You Are Good Official Video Now Out”

  1. Those are not the producers bro. Kiko Negron produced this track. The cover you are displaying is from an older version of the song that none of us worked on outside of Dunsin. Not trying to blast you just want to make sure credit goes to the right sources for this production and performance. We all brought everyone in to Nashville to make this new EP and I don’t want that hard work wrongly cited.

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