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MP3 Download Change (JehovahFireThem) By BoD

Conference table.A brand new single has just hit the airwaves from a group of corporate minded but concerned citizens of Africa who believe that that right time for true Change for the African people is NOW…

Tonito, Mr.C.E.O and Adam Featured super star gospel singer Yvonne May on this track titled Change… The Jehovah Fire them concept is drawn from a perspective of asking God to help nations of Africa fire leaders who think they are above the laws and can’t be removed from office even when their people say go..

When you hire people through the process of election or selection as the case is today in Africa, it is suppose to be easy to also fire them..but the truth is that it’s never easy to ask people who are not delivering on their promises in Africa to leave office. They would rather create a chaos than to bow out of office..So that for us is what only God can do for us in Africa said the spokes person for the group.

Our prayer is that this track resonates to every individual that listens to it..Africa can work.. Africa will work,, but we’ve got to make it work together…

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4 thoughts on “MP3 Download Change (JehovahFireThem) By BoD”

  1. y”all are the leaders of the New School i must commend…….
    @Femi this is it…..this what we prayed and hustled for

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