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 This is our brunch hour show that kicks off from 10am-12noon . power packed, fun filled, entertaining and informative with news program designed to inspire every listeners to be the best in all spheres of life.

Mon-Fri 10am-1pm
U-talks  U-Talks is a conversational show designed for our listeners from various universities of the world. Our goal is to get the students share the gossips around thier schools and also what ever they want the world to know about their school environment Mon-Fri 11:30-12:30
Garden Chat Garden-Chat is our one-on-one hangout with our celebrities, living legends and great achievers around us. with this segment, our listeniers and fans of this great individuals get to know what’s up with their favorite celebrities. Mon-Fri 12:30-1pm
#StandUp  We believe that what you are not couragouse enough to stand for will soon crush you. so with #StandUp, we support life transforming and community developmental causes Mon-Fri 11am-11:30am
LiveOnStage This segments is where we get musicians into the studio and we together make fresh music #liveonstage. with our in-house producers and live band. This shows happens every Friday Every Friday 12noon-2pm
Suchi’s Time DJ-Suchi’s time is definitely the best time on radio you don’t wanna miss. because this is how we get your weekend groovy on a non stop jam… Every Friday 3pm-6pm
Teenzy As part of our agenda to build a meaningful future for our young people, so Teenzy is our show dedicated to our youths.. Every Saturday 9am-12noon
SportSpin  SportSpin is our Saturday sport delight show fused with great music from DJ-Suchi.. as we discussed the games, we spin on the wheel of great music. Every Saturday 1pm-4pm
1-Church Praise The Lord..with 1-Church, we get to lift up your soul with the best gospel experience on radio. Every Sunday 9am-12noon
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