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Music that moves you everywhere you go!

1Voice Radio is a groundbreaking global radio station that captivates audiences worldwide with its diverse range of music, podcasts, thought-provoking discussions, and captivating programming, uniting people through the power of sound and empowerment.


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Whether you prefer to tune in through popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or any other major podcasting app, 1Voice Radio is readily available, allowing you to enjoy our enriching discussions, inspiring stories, and remarkable music at your convenience. 

We always bring you the best in entertainment!

We showcase top-tier artists, popular hits, emerging talents, and genre-defying sounds that captivate and resonate with our listeners worldwide.

1Voice Radio always brings the best in entertainment. We offer…

  • Quality content: The backbone of a popular radio station is its content we ensure that our content is of high quality to keep the listeners entertained.
  • Great music selection: Music and the radio have always had a symbiotic relationship. 1Voice Radio ensures that we have the best music selection to keep the listeners entertained.
  • Positive vibes: 1Voice Radio aims to empower its listeners and create a positive atmosphere through our entertainment and our podcasts. This helps to keep our listeners engaged and entertained.

Monthly featured program

The Buzz Talk Show with Carole and Carmella is one of the hottest talk shows on 1Voice Radio! 

If you need event hosts, party hosts, MCs, or just a “hype machine”, reach out to the ladies of the buzz at thebuzztalk411@gmail.com!

The Buzz Talk Show

With Carole & Carmella

Wednesdays @ 12pm est 

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What they say about our radio station and podcasts

"1Voice Radio has completely changed my listening experience! Their music selection is unparalleled."

Julia Nortorn Listener

"The diverse range of genres and the seamless transitions between songs keep me hooked for hours."

Aiden Williams Listener

"I've been a loyal listener of 1Voice Radio for years, and they never cease to amaze me with their music and podcasts."

Lunna James Listener

"1Voice Radio truly knows how to bring people together through the power of music and the feeling of community."

Mark Obagian Listener

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1Voice Radio has a global presence and attracts a diverse audience of music lovers, enthusiasts, and avid listeners from around the world. By advertising with 1Voice Radio, you can reach a broad range of potential customers, increasing the visibility of your business to a wide and engaged audience.

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