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The Buzz Talk Show with Carole & Carmella

We have a talk show designed to cover a variety of topics from Entertainment to Politics, Religion, and so much more!


Changing Faces Ministries Podcast

Weekly, we will bring you messages inspired by the Word of God. These messages are designed to not only teach you what God words say but to also provide the guideline for how to live by them. We will be discussing God’s Word and how to apply it to your life in everyday situations. This will be done in a way that a child can understand, but it will be enough substance that any and everyone will walk away better than when you came.                            “When you can see yourself the way God sees you, You will have a change of face”


Let's Talk with Stanley Doucette

“Rarely have I been empowered while being entertained and having fun. Each week, join Stanley Doucette, who is uniquely qualified to do all three as he speaks to guests that have a powerful voice around the world in a multitude of areas. Whether you want to learn about entrepreneurship or get advice on relationships or just simply be empowered, and entertained while laughing this is the podcast for you.” 


The Deep Dive Podcast

Whether you’re a seasoned intellectual or simply a curious soul seeking enlightenment, the Deep Dive Podcast is your gateway to exploring the depths of knowledge. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we plunge headfirst into the realm of ideas and embark on a quest for profound understanding.