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The story of 1Voice Radio

At 1Voice Radio, our story began with a passion for music and a deep appreciation for the power of words. We recognized the ability of music and podcasts to transcend barriers, touch hearts, and unite people from all walks of life. Inspired by this vision, we set out on a journey to create a global platform that would amplify voices and bring meaningful content to the internet.

Founded in 2021, 1Voice Radio has evolved into a thriving community of artists, musicians, poets, and podcast hosts who share a common purpose—to connect, inspire, empower, and entertain. Our team is driven by the belief that every voice deserves to be heard, and we strive to provide a platform where diverse perspectives can thrive.

With an eclectic mix of genres, our radio station offers a rich tapestry of music that spans across eras and cultures. From soul-stirring r & b to cutting-edge tracks, we curate a playlist that appeals to a wide range of tastes. Our dedicated team of DJs and hosts carefully selects each song, ensuring that our listeners are treated to a captivating and immersive musical experience.

But 1Voice Radio is more than just a music station. We are committed to promoting podcasts as a powerful medium for empowerment and expression. Our lineup features thought-provoking interviews, engaging discussions, and captivating spoken-word performances that tackle topics ranging from social issues to personal growth.

We take pride in fostering a vibrant community where artists and listeners can come together. Through interactive events, live broadcasts, and social media engagement, we create opportunities for meaningful connections, collaboration, and celebration of creativity.

At 1Voice Radio, our mission is to be the voice that resonates with you, uplifts your spirit, and leaves a lasting impact. We invite you to tune in, join our community, and experience the power of music and podcasts to inspire and unite us all.

Welcome to 1Voice Radio—where every voice finds its stage.

Igniting voices, uniting hearts - 1Voice Radio's vision is to be a dynamic platform that amplifies diverse voices, connects communities, and inspires positive change through the power of music and podcasts.

Through our programming, we aim to inspire, uplift, and ignite a passion for artistic expression while fostering unity and understanding among our audience.

Meet our hosts

Pastor Jeff Landrum


Why you should listen to our podcasts

Hot topics

Join us on our radio station as we discuss the hottest topics of the week and some of the most interesting views !

Acclaimed speakers

We present to you some of the best and most accomplished speakers from around the world.

Multiple platforms

Our podcasts are played on every major podcast platform, including Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google!